The Inclusive People Development Playbook
How leveraging leadership development can help you reach DEI goals
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If you are like most leaders, you want to attract and retain the best and most diverse talent.

While there are many evidence-based strategies designed to increase diversity in recruitment and hiring, we see companies struggle to find solutions to retain their underrepresented employees.

So how can organizations enable employees to reach their full potential as people and leaders? And how does people development fit into an overall DEI strategy?

We developed the Inclusive People Development Playbook to answer these questions and more.


In our evidence-based Inclusive People Playbook you will learn:

  • Why most DEI programs fail and steps you can take to help them succeed
  • How a people development strategy can help you make progress on your DEI goals, and build a more inclusive workplace
  • The four attributes of Torch’s Inclusive People Development Framework and how to use them to develop your own people development strategy
  • How to measure the success and impact of your strategy overtime
Gain the tools needed to create your own inclusive people development strategy that will help you successfully retain employees and help them grow. 

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