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The Immediate Future of Coaching
Making coaching more scalable, inclusive, and affordable
Written by Dani Johnson, Cofounder and Principal Analyst at RedThread Research

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What's inside?

RedThread provides an in-depth of analysis on the current state and future trajectory of coaching and touches on topics such as:

  • The ever-expanding definition of coaching and how it’s applied
  • New applications and new topics for coaching
  • Ways to scale coaching – making it less expensive and more available to more employees
  • Leading practices for making a coaching initiative successful
  • Developing a coaching culture

Learn how you can use coaching to take you and your organization to the next level. Download the report now.

About the report

RedThread conducts unbiased research and in this latest report offered by Torch they are diving into coaching and examining how so many organizations are seeking to make it more accessible and measurable.

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