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FICO Develops Leaders Through Experiential Journeys
Researched and written by The Josh Bersin Company
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About the report

FICO, a leading applied analytics company, has partnered with Torch over the last several years to offer leadership development programs designed to meet the different goals, aspirations and skills of its employees.

This white paper provides an in-depth analysis of the program, and the results of the partnership between FICO and Torch.

What's inside?

In the white paper, The Josh Bersin Company covers all aspects of the FICO/Torch partnership, including how to:

  • Engage highly specialized technical employees to develop and deliver core business offerings in a highly competitive talent
  • Develop leaders who can engage talent and harness the potential of employees in a scalable, personalized, and targeted
  • Identify and implement a scalable, online leadership development approach capable of supporting individual needs and leaders’ aspirations.

Discover how implementing a customized coaching program with scalable technology can transform your business. Download the white paper now.

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