How to stay connected in a digitally fatigued world
Originally aired February 23rd, 2022
Join us for a conversation with three technology CEOs who are pioneering new ways to foster workplace connections and engagement at scale, and learn actionable lessons from their experiences.
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Organizational leaders today are tasked with ensuring their employees feel connected to both their work, and their co-workers. Employees are looking for meaningful connections with coworkers, and people stay in workplaces where they have strong relationships, and innovate when they feel connected.

How as a leader can you kickstart this change in your organization? 

The Details

Guided by Kat Steinmetz of Initialized, CEOs Jack Altman (Lattice), Edward Kim (Gusto), and Torch's very own CEO, Cameron Yarbrough will discuss:

  • Why do we need to think differently about cultivating connection and engagement inside hybrid workplaces? Why is the status quo not working?
  • How can we leverage technology and behavioral science insights to help us develop sustainable practices for fostering meaningful connections?
  • How does investing in relationships and engagement connect to organizational success?

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