Coaching and Mentoring Drive Progress on DEI Goals

A survey of HR Leaders on the current DEI landscape, barriers to progress on DEI goals and actionable insights for moving forward. 

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Despite increased focus on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) and investment in training and development programs, many companies are struggling to develop inclusive leaders and to make progress against DEI goals such as retention and promotion of employees from underrepresented groups.

Download this report, featuring insights from a recent survey of HR and L&D leaders commissioned by Torch, and learn what organizational leaders told us about their DEI priorities, barriers, and plans to accomplish their DEI goals.

The Details

In this report you'll learn: 

  • What HR Leaders see as the biggest barriers to retaining underrepresented employees
  • How they plan to accomplish their DEI goals
  • Three key insights from the research that you can use to evaluate and inform your own DEI initiatives

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