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Creating High-Impact Managers

A Guide to Upskilling Managers Effectively and at Scale

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Equip Managers with the Skills They Need

Are your managers enabling your teams to succeed or holding back team performance? Managers are the most influential team members when it comes to the success of your organization, but they often lack the support and skills they need to excel.

What's in the guide?

Did you know good managers increase employee performance by 25% and retention by 40%? In this guide, we share important benchmarks and metrics like this, plus:

  • Best practices for onboarding, training, and retaining your managers
  • 3 top reasons why managers are struggling to succeed and why traditional training is no longer effective
  • A real-life case study of how a manager focused coaching program propelled Lattice employees forward

The data shows that making the investment in your managers and people leaders is well worth it. Investing in their development, specifically leadership skills, benefits everything from your recruiting efforts to your bottom line.

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